Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is your race age?

This is your age on December 31, 2020.

How much is it to register for the Snake?

The registration fee for Non-Money Class is $105 if you sign up before midnight November 25.  On November 26, the Non-Money Class registration increases to $115.  On December 23, the Non-Money Class registration increases to $125.   The registration fee covers both races in the series whether you race at one or both race events.

For Money Class, the registration fee is $155.

Is there race day registration?

No race day registration.  However, you can register on-site Friday evening before the race from 5:30PM to 8PM.  This will be at the Snake Pit ( Dalton Trade and Convention Center gravel parking lot ).

Where does the race start for the 17 Miler?

The 17 Miler starts at the Pinhoti Trailhead at Snake Creek Gap.  From Resaca, GA (Junction of Interstate 75 and Georgia Highway 136) to Snake Creek Gap: Proceed west on Highway 136. Go 6.6 miles to the intersection with Georgia Highway 136 Connector. Turn right to continue on Highway 136 and proceed 4.0 miles to Snake Creek Gap (10.6 miles total). The parking area is on the right, just past the crest.

Where does the race start for the 34 Miler and 50 Miler?

The 34 Miler and 50 Miler start at the Dry Creek Parking Lot.  Here are the directions:

The Dry Creek area of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest is located in Northwest Georgia about six miles south of Villanow, off county road 705 (Subligna-Villanow Highway, also called the East Armuchee Road). The East Armuchee Road is a scenic highway that extends southward from Villanow to Subligna and on to Gore at US 27 a few miles east of Summerville. The Dry Creek area straddles the Walker and Chattooga county line.

To reach Villanow from I-75, when traveling north, take the GA 136 exit (Exit 320) and proceed west 14.3 miles on GA 136 until you reach Villanow. Villanow is a small town at the intersection of GA 136, GA 201, and county road 705.  A “Favorite Market” convenience store/gas station is on one corner of this intersection with the old Villanow Country Store on the opposite corner as well as a new veterinarian office.

From Villanow, travel south on the East Armuchee Road for 6.5 miles (about 10 minutes) to arrive at the turnoff to Forest Service (FS) road 226 nearly on the county line. Turn left on FS 226 and follow the signs to the the large horse trailer parking lot at the top of a hill. (About 200 yards before reaching the parking lot there is a road to the right that crosses East Armuchee Creek. There is a primitive camping area located across the creek that is used by equestrians and others.) When exiting the parking lot at the starting line area, take a left turn.  Stay to the right – see map below. This is a different road than the one you came in on but it eventually merges back into FS road 226. PLEASE follow the flow of the signs. These roads are very narrow and there are several blind spots making the roads not suitable for oncoming or two way traffic.  One way in and a different way out.  If everyone follows the signs everything should flow fine. Don’t be the person going the wrong way.  When both entering and exiting the Dry Creek area please watch out for the 50 mile participants.  Their route will cross these roads in a couple places and course marshall may or may not be present to warn you.


What are the cut off times for the race?

The cutoff time for all riders to reach Snake Creek Gap is 1:00 PM (17 Miles to Finish Line).  The cutoff time for all riders to reach Middle Mountain is 3:00  PM (10.5 Miles to Finish Line).  Riders wishing to continue will need to sign a letter of acknowledgement.

Where is race check-in?

Racers will check-in at the Snake Pit which is the lower gravel parking lot at the NWGA Trade and Convention Center (Snake Finish, Friday Night Registration / check-in from 5:30PM to 8PM)
Race day check-in, 7:00 AM 34 Miler and 50 Miler Riders check-in at Dry Creek and 7:00 AM 17 Miler Riders check-in at Snake Creek Gap

I-75 to exit 333 Walnut Avenue, Dalton, GA go west up the mountain approx 1/4 mile turn left into the Trade Center, the gravel parking lot is on your right at the Trade Center.1417486_567082973360475_1371137018_o.jpg

How do I qualify for a Snake Belt Buckle?

Completing the 50 Miler on both dates will earn you the 2X50 belt buckle.   Completing the 34 Miler on both dates will earn you the 2X34 belt buckle.    You must ride the same route on both race event dates.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

What is the payout for Money Class?

The Money Class is offered only for the 50 mile distance.  Money Class payout is 3 deep.  Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fastest time for the entire series.  1st will receive $500, 2nd will receive $350, 3rd Place will receive $200.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

If you have not raced in any races in the series, you can transfer your registration.

Are you providing shuttles to the start locations?

Yes, there will be shuttles.  For the 34 & 50 Miler:  Loading of trailers and buses at the SNAKE PIT will begin at 6:00am.  The last shuttle will leave for Dry Creek no later than 6:45am.  Timing at Dry Creek will start at 8:00am to 8:30am.

For the 17 Miler: Loading of trailers and buses at the SNAKE PIT will begin at 7:00am. The last shuttle will leave for the SNAKE CREEK GAP parking lot at 7:30am.  Timing for the 17 mile race will begin at 8:00am to 8:30am.

Can I send a proxy for check-in and pick up of my swag gift?

No, we need the actual participant to sign the waiver.

Where are the aid stations for the 50 mile option and can you use drop bags?

We will have one (SAG #1) with just water at about mile 18 of the 50 which will be the beginning of the climb up Johns Mountain. Then there will be the large one (SAG #2) at Snake Creek Gap which will be the half way point for the 34’s and 2/3 point for the 50’s and then we will have one more (SAG #3) at the end of the the forest service road climb up Middle Mountain right where you turn left into the final single track section of the course. This last sag is also the last manned bail out point is about 8 miles from the Finish. Drop bags will be delivered to SAG #2 at the Snake Creek Gap.

  • SAG #1, water only at mile 18.
  • SAG #2, full SAG, fluids, fig newtons and bananas, at 33 miles.
  • SAG #3, full SAG again at 42 miles.
  • Leave drop bag at Dry Creek, we will transport to SAG #2 Snake Creek Gap Parking Lot.

Where can I find information on the race routes? has some useful information on the race route.

Last 17 Mile ( Snake Creek Gap to Dug Gap )

17 Mile ( East Armuchee to Snake Creek Gap )

Dry Creek Segment of the 50 Miler

What are the addresses of Trade Center and Start Locations?

Dalton Convention Center
2211 Dug Gap Battle Rd
Dalton, GA 30720

Snake Creek Gap
17870 Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA 30728

Dry Creek entrance
3086 E Armuchee Rd
Summerville, GA 30728