Things you need to know

Welcome to the Snake Creek Gap Time Trials

Jan 13 & Feb 17, 2018

  1.  34 & 50 Milers: Last shuttle leaves Trade Center at 7:00 AM. Race starts at
    Dry Creek at 8:00 AM. (3084 E Armuchee Rd; Summerville, GA)
  2.  17 Milers: Last shuttle leaves Trade Center at 7:00 AM. Race starts at Snake Creek Gap, Hwy 136, at 8:00 AM.
  3.  ALL SAG BAGS go to Check-In tents at middle of Dry Creek parking lot.  34 Milers start line is directly behind the tents.
  4.  50 Milers Start Line is at Dry Creek parking lot entrance.
  5.  Forest Service fine is $125 if you decide not to pay $5 per vehicle fee and place in green collection box near parking lot entrance.
  6.  Volunteers CANNOT STOP VEHICLES AT MAJOR ROAD X-INGS as they have done in the past. You MUST yield to vehicles.
  7.  You might see Equestrians on the trail. EQUESTRIANS HAVE RIGHT OF WAY.
  8.  The trails are on Forest Service lands. Do not litter!
  9.  In case of emergency call Gay Rice: 706.264.3944

2 thoughts on “Things you need to know”

    1. Hi Mark, as long as they have parent’s permission, they can race the 17 miler. I do urge your riders to practice ride the trail route to get familiar with the trail. It’s difficult for us to gauge technical abilities of the young riders, so we rely on your judgement. There was one upset parent who was not aware of that the final 1 1/2 mile is a downhill road ride with traffic on Dug Gap Mountain Road to the Trade Center.

      I hope this helps.

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